10 Reasons Why MLMs Are Destined to Fail

Published: 24th March 2010
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It is quite true that more than 95 of the people that attempt to run and operated a multilevel marketing (MLM) business are doomed to failure. Quite often it isn't their fault. Many times we are persuaded and convinced by someone they know and even love to get involved in a business that that person has already committed to. Oftentimes the person who brings you into an MLM business is someone you trust and you don't want to disappoint by telling them no. Also, you may just happen to be in that proverbial place that some people say is the right time where the message that you are hearing sounds so good that you jump in before you take the blindfold off.

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The first reason a person may have for either struggling are failing at MLM starts at the beginning when they didn't take the time to investigate what this business had to offer and what kind of effort they need to put in to make it work. There are 10 definite reasons why an MLM business will not work including:

1. Low Entry Cost - Just because you were capable to buy into an MLM business for little money doesn't mean you should treat it like a hobby. This is a REAL business and if you want to succeed, you need to treat it as a real business.

2. What do you mean by a plan? You know that old cliché - "No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan." Without a well thought out plan - a business road map of where you are, where you are going and how you will get there - you are more than likely doomed to get lost.

3. The whole world is not your prospect - Everyone is not suited to be either a customer or a downline associate regardless what any upline is telling you. Although it may be quite true that everyone could benefit from your product or service, however, everyone may not want it. Folding after a few hundred "NOs" is not the path to success.

4. What we have here is a Affiliate Marketing - I know what you think you said is what you believe I heard but I'm not sure what I heard is what you meant! If you cannot connect through communicating with others - nothing gets done!

5. Keep being bullied by following exactly what your upline tells you to do.

6. Let me check on that is not the answer people questioning you about your MLM business want to hear. You need to become the expert having all the answers.

7. Boy is that stupid is not the proper response when viewing what someone else may attempt. Keep an open mind about what can be done and allow yourself to learn.

8. How does he do that? If you do not have the answer, refer to No. 6.

9. I sent out brochures. Blame your lack of activity on something other than yourself.

10. The whole world IS your prospect if you have the solution to its problem.

Remember you are in the problem solving business. If your product or service cannot solve problems, well, you will soon have another one because your business will fail.

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